Raven's Gift

A  fantasy novel  by Tobias D. Robison

Raven's Gift is for sale at Amazon.com, Right here. You can use the 'look inside' feature to sample the writing. Enjoy!

Raven's Gift and Amia's Gifts are two thirds of the Ausland Trilogy. I hope to publish the third book in just a few years.

Raven's Gift is an E-book as well,
in all popular
formats. Get it at
for your Kindle, Nook,
Palm, etc., etc.

The Audio Podcast version of Raven's Gift is at  podiobooks.com.
Here's the the audio novel .

And here's an audio promo for Ravens's Gift.

- Tobias D. Robison
You can contact me by email at:  tobyr21@gmail.com

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