About Raven's Gift:

Ahhh. You see me, 
I see you. Now put away your Knife.”

Raven has an unusual gift, or is it a curse: a nose that can smell almost anything. During her adventures in medieval, magical Ausland, she must defeat a dragon, an army of giant-size warriors, and three evil wizards. And when their magic is destroyed, Raven and her new friend must face starvation and a difficult moral choice.

Interleaved with this fantasy adventure is another story: how does a scrappy fighter come to terms with her past mistakes, and how does she find friends to help her make amends for them?

Raven’s Gift is a complex story that is told frankly and simply. It probably deserves an R” rating for being very earthy.

Raven’s Gift. A thoughtful fantasy novel. Available soon from Amazon.com? TBD ...

Also available as an audio book at www.podiobooks.com

Tobias D. Robison is a fresh voice in the world of fantasy authors: a writer who wonders how real people will act in a world of magic. He is a long-time resident of Princeton, NJ.
Mary Dolan is an illustrator who works in a variety of styles.  She lives and teaches art in Princeton, NJ.

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