Raven's Gift

A  fantasy novel  by Tobias D. Robison

Raven's Gift is for sale at Amazon.com, Right here, for $14.98. You can use the 'look inside' feature to sample the writing. Enjoy!

Updated November 7, 2013:  Tip-FAQ for Ravensword 2 on the iPad. including first impressions of the new IOS 7 release, and the Ancient Realm.

Updated May 23, 2013: Added Faq for PK Parallel Kingdom: Age of Ascension with additions and corrections.

Raven's Gift is now
an E-book as well,
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formats. Get it at
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The Audio Podcast version of Raven's Gift is at  podiobooks.com.
Here's the the audio novel .

And here's an audio promo for Ravens's Gift.

- Tobias D. Robison
You can contact me by email at:  tobyr21@gmail.com

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AND THERE'S MORE! Reviews right here for these iPad games:

Tip-FAQ to play SideSwype for high scores.

PK: Parallel Kingdom: the new Age of Ascension!

Tip-FAQ for Ravensword 2 on the iPad.

Aralon Sword and Shield Tips and Walkthrough

Book of Heroes: a review and a FAQ

Battle Frontier: a Review and a FAQ

Dungeon Crawlers: a Review and a Guide

Order and Chaos: Guide for new players!

Kard Combat: A FAQ for the tablet game.

Words with friends: A FAQ for the tablet game.

Let's Golf 3 by Gameloft: A FAQ for the iPad game.

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